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Can I run a BOGO (Buy One Get One) campaign using Quantity Breaks app?
Can I run a BOGO (Buy One Get One) campaign using Quantity Breaks app?
Yes, you can run a BOGO campaign using the Quantity Breaks and Discounts app. Click here to learn more on how to do it with the app.
Updated over a week ago

This example is on how to setup a BOGO sales campaign. The Buy X Get Y Free feature can also be used to create different combinations such as Buy 2 Get 1 free or even a Buy 3 Get 5 Free campaign by changing the values in Step 4.

  1. At the Dashboard click on +Tiered Pricing button.

  2. Key in the name of the Tiered Pricing and select Buy X Get Y:

  3. Under the If a user buys and They will get extra product(s) columns key in 1 in each column:

  4. Under Applies To select the option that you want. Read more about this section here.

    You cannot mix and match items in Buy X Get Y Free option. It will only be applicable to its respective products.

    For this example, we will use Specific Products/Variants:

  5. You can change the Discount Table's name under the Message the user sees about the product* field:

  6. Under Date Settings, you can schedule this campaign to run in a future date or start immediately.

    You can also let the campaign run indefinitely or have a scheduled end date:

  7. Click on Save Settings when done.

  8. When a customer added the right amount of items into the cart, the free product will be added as an additional line item indicating that it is Free.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The following lineitems will be displayed whenever a product is purchase with the Buy X Get Y Free feature:

    These 2 lineitems are compulsory for the Buy X Get Y Free feature to work in the backend and cannot be hidden.

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