How does "Applies To" work?
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In this section, you are able which products to be added into the tier pricing based on the following options:

  1. Specific Products/Variants - When this option is selected, Select Products will appear in the next step. You can then proceed to select individual products or variants for the tier pricing:

    1. Filters - You can apply filters to narrow down the product search in (b). Select Search button when ever filters are setup.

    2. Product List - Select the products that you wish to be included in this tier pricing.

      NOTE: Variants can only be selected if Same Variant Only is selected in Step 1b.

    3. Select the number of products showing at once per page:

  2. Collections/Tags/Vendors - When selecting this you can select products based on their collections/tags/vendors.

    Any products tied to the selected collections/tags/vendors will automatically be included into the tier pricing.

  3. All Available Products - All products that are not in any tier pricing will automatically be included.

  4. Whole Store - All products in the store will be selected.

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