Pre-Order Manager Free Plans (Update 10 February 2021)

Starting from 10 February 2021, we had improve our Free Tier. It is now applicable to ONE product instead of FIRST product. Read on to find out more.

Starting 14 February 2021, the Pre-Order Manager's Free tier had been improved to apply to one product instead of only applicable to the First product. 

If you had turned on Pre-Order for one product and wish to stay on the Free Tier, please disable the active Pre-Order before activating the next product.

If more than one pre-order product is selected at the same time, the app will prompt you to upgrade when you turned on the Pre-Order for the next product even with the first product turned off.

The paid tier is based on the options you had selected during installation:

When you are in the Free tier, you will see this message informing how many products you had selected and it also states free for 1 product:

For clearer understanding, you may refer to the following scenario:


After installation, I turned on Pre-Order for the product "Flip Flops - Brazil":

The app will consider this as the one pre-order item

If you turn off the Pre-Order for "Flip-Flops - Brazil" and turn on the Pre-Order for "Cargo Shorts", you will remain at the free tier as only one Pre-Order is active at the same time.

Should you require more information on billing, please do not hesitate to contact us.