You can turn on Pre-Orders by Countries for

Enable Pre-Order by Countries for Whole Store

IMPORTANT: If this setting is made, all enabled Pre-Orders will only be available to the specified countries.

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Under App Settings, look for "Pre-Order Locations":

  3. Select the dropdown and untick on "All countries":

  4. Search the countries by typing on the search column and select the countries you want to apply the pre-order to:

  5. Customers coming from outside the selected countries will see a Sold Out instead of Pre-Order instead.

Enable Pre-Order by Countries for Individual Products

  1. At the Products page, select the Default Settings (or Custom Settings) button of the product you wish to configure:

  2. At the Pre-Order tab, local Pre-Order Locations and select the country you want to apply pre-order to and select Save:

  3. This setting will apply for individual products only.

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