When you uninstall the application in the Shopify admin panel, the theme will still contain code snippets from the application.

This is a standard Shopify behaviour. The reason for this is because uninstalling via Shopify Admin Panel is done outside the Pre-Order Manager app and therefore all the codes and snippets will still be intact.

Please ensure the following steps are strictly followed before you uninstall the app.

  1. Make sure that all your pre-orders are disabled and are not in the process of deactivation (“Updating…” status). To ensure all Pre-orders are turned off, under the Products page, go to Filter and select Pre-Order Status = Any Except "Pre-order disabled" and ensure no items are displayed there:

  2. In the app, select the Uninstall button.

  3. The following message will prompt. To confirm and proceed with the uninstallation process, select Proceed to Uninstall:

  4. Another message indicating to wait 10 minutes before proceeding to uninstall from the Shopify app page will prompt. Select Uninstall to finalize the process:

  5. Next wait approximately 10 minutes. During the wait, you may proceed to manage your store as normal. Once you had waited for 10 minutes, please proceed to go to Shopify > App and delete the Pre-Order Manager:

ATTENTION: If you had deleted the Pre-Order Manager from your store before following Steps 1 to 4 of this FAQ, please contact support@amai.com and we will proceed to manually remove the codes for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any complications during the Uninstallation process.

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