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Difference between Default Settings and Custom Settings

In the Products page, there is a possibility that you will see some of your product are marked under Custom Settings while some are marked as Default Settings:

Default Settings - If you had not made any settings changes to the individual product, it will show Default Settings. To make individual changes, select the Default Settings button to proceed.

If you had made any changes in the Settings pop-up and proceed to Save the settings, the button will then be changed to Custom Settings:

How to Enable Custom Settings for MULTIPLE products

To enable custom settings for multiple products, select multiple products in Products page:

Next, select Apply Settings:

Make relevant changes to the settings and click on Save:

Custom Settings will now be displayed at the selected products:

Reset ONE product to Default Settings

To reset one product to default settings select the Action button and proceed to select Reset to Default Settings:

Once the settings are reverted, the button will change its status to Default Settings:

Reset ALL Products to Default Settings

To reset all products to default settings, select the Reset all to Default button located on the top right corner of the Products table:

Reset MULTIPLE products to Default Settings

To reset multiple products to Default Settings, first, select the products that you want to reset to default settings:

Next, select the Reset selected items to Default

Confirm the reset by selecting the Yes, Reset to Default Setting button:

Default Settings will now be displayed at the selected products:

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