Setting up a Sales Countdown Timer

Follow these steps to set up your a new countdown timer on your store!

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Creating a countdown timer is quick, easy, and comes with a full range of features built to help you create a timer bar tailored perfectly for your store or sale.

Configuring Your Timer Type

  • Start by clicking the Create Timer/Bar button.

    Existing timers can be edited using the settings ⚙️ button.

  • The Bar type will be Countdown Timer by default, set an internal name for your countdown timer. This is only for your reference and will not be seen by merchants.

  • Selecting a countdown timer type:

    • Same for all visitors: When you're timer is activated, the same countdown will be shown based on the timer duration you've configured.

    • Independent for each visitor: When a buyer visits your site for the first time, the countdown timer will start ticking down according to the timer duration you've configured.

      The timer will continue to clock down if the user leaves and returns, unless they access your site from a new device or with fresh browser cookies.

  • Repeating Timers:

    • Non-Repeating Timer: The countdown timer will end and be hidden once the timer expires.

    • Custom Repeating timer: After finishing, the timer disappears from the page. The timer appears again after the page is reloaded.

    • Repeat Daily: A daily recurring timer by selecting the start time and end time.

    • Repeat Weekly: A weekly recurring timer by select the start and end day of the week.

    • Repeat Monthly: A monthly recurring timer that occur on specific dates of each month.

    • Repeat Yearly: A monthly recurring timer that occur on specific months of each year.

Once a start date an time has been selected, simply enter the days, hours, and minutes your timer should be active.

Set repetition limit: You can even set your timer to repeat any number of times automatically before completely ending and being hidden.

Set up How Your Timer Displays

Timer Bars

  • Timer bars can be fixed at the top or bottom of your site.

  • The 'Display Sticky' option will make the Timer Bar scroll with the user as they move up and down a page, keeping it always in view.


Then, select on what pages your banner will display.

  • All pages in the store

  • Product pages

  • Collection pages

  • Specific pages

Timer Widget

Available on product pages only, by default above “Add to cart” button.

You can change it manually or ask support.


Lastly, select any of the optional timer functions below to specify how your timer appears.

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