You can choose between 3 types of discount tables for your discount rules. To choose the tables you must first go to the Design page:

Next, select the discount table type from the list below:

  1. Selecting the options here will setup the discount table for different discount type. For example, selecting Volume Discounts will setup the Discount Table for Volume Discounts only.

    1. Selecting Product or Value will setup the discount table for discounts that are based on quantities/product or value.

      Important Note: Some discount table type are not available for different discount types.

  2. Default - This the default table chosen. It is the original design of app. You can choose between 3 types of default tables. You can change the color of the table and font at the color section at the bottom of the Design page.

  3. Grid - Grid table is designed to look like a traditional table format. This is only available for Discount Types and Mix and Match:

  4. Selector - This is an interactive table where customers can directly select the quantities and variants they need for the discounts. It also comes with a customized Add to Cart button for customers to add the selected discounts directly to their cart.

    Important Note: This table is only available for Volume Discount only.

Changing Colors and Font Size of the Table

You can customize the colors of the font and also the font size of the tables by changing the design options:

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