Volume Discounts Setup

Volume discount are discounts rewarded to customers for purchasing a certain amount of quantities of a single product or variant.

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A volume discount encourages customers to purchase multiple quantities of the same product/variant. When activated, discounts will be applied when customers buy more of the same product or variant. Example: Buy 10 Apples for 20% off.

Watch the video guide:

Step 1: Tiered Pricing

  • First, select Volume Discount:

  • Next, give this tiered pricing a name:

Step 2: Apply Volume Discount

This option will only appear when when Volume Discounts option is selected in Tiered Pricing.

  • Same Products Regardless of Variants: If a product has more than one variant (e.g. a T-shirt has the variant of S, M, L and XL), discount will be applied regardless of which variant is added into the cart.

  • Same Variants Only: Discounts will only be applied when the same variants are added into the cart.

Click on Next to proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Discounts Setting

This option will only appear when when Volume Discounts option is selected in Tiered Pricing. This option allows you to choose how discounts will be calculated at the cart:

  • Apply Discount on Each Product: Discounts to be applied on each cart item before the total is calculated.

    • Example: ($10 - 12%) + ($10 - 12%) + ($10 - 12%)

  • Apply discount based on total value - The discounts will only be applied after the total value is calculated.

    • Example: ($10 + $10 + $10) - 10%

Step 4: Tier Conditions

This option allows you to setup the tier pricing to encourage quantity based discounts:

  1. This indicator will show you which discount type is currently selected. If Volume Discount is selected, it will show Volume Discount here.

  2. The number of quantities/value (depending on what is selected in 3) to purchase before discount is applied.

  3. Select if the discounts should be applied base on quantity of products or total $ value.

  4. The total percentage/amount (depending on what is selected in 5) that should be discounted when the criteria set in 2 and 3 is met.

  5. Select if the discounts applied is based on % or $ value based on the value keyed in 4.

  6. Remove the individual tier pricing.

  7. Add another tier pricing.

  8. Remove all the tiers that had been setup.

Step 5: Applies To and Select Products / Collections/ Tags / Vendors

In this section, you are able which products to be added into the tier pricing based on the following options:

  1. Specific Products/Variants: When this option is selected, Select Products will appear in the next step. You can then proceed to select individual products or variants for the tier pricing:

    1. Filters: You can apply filters to narrow down the product search in (b). Select Search button when ever filters are setup.

    2. Product List: Select the products that you wish to be included in this tier pricing.

      IMPORTANT NOTE: Variants can only be selected if Same Variant Only is selected in Step 1b.

    3. Select the number of products showing at once per page:

  2. Collections/Tags/Vendors: When selecting this you can select products based on their collections/tags/vendors.

    Any products tied to the selected collections/tags/vendors will automatically be included into the tier pricing.

  3. All Available Products: All products that are not in any tier pricing will automatically be included.

  4. Entire Store: All products in the store will be selected.

Step 6: Discount Table Setup

If Selector table is selected in design page

You can configure the title and the button text of the table:

  • Deal Selection Title Setup:

  • Deal Selection Widget Add-To-Cart Button Text:

If Default or Grid table is Selected in Design Page

You can only configure the Discount Table Title:

You can click on the Preview button to see how the table looks like at your storefront. If you are unable to see the table, please contact the Customer Support via Live Chat.

Step 7: Tier Pricing by Countries

By default the tier pricing will apply to all customers. If you only want to show Tier Pricing to customers from certain country, enable the Only apply tier pricing to the following countries checkbox:

Proceed to select the countries that will see this tier pricing (you can select more than 1 countries):

Step 8: Date Settings

You can schedule a sales tier to start and end in advance or have it start immediately. If no dates are set here, the discounts will start immediately as soon as it is turned on and only end if it is turned off..

  1. Start Now: By selecting this option, the sales will start immediately upon creation.

  2. Schedule Start Date Time: By selecting this option, you can schedule the sales to start in advance by selecting the date and time.

    The date and time is based on your store's Timezone.

  3. Set End Date: By selecting this option you can schedule in advance when the sales when end will end.

    You can use it with Start Now option as well:

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