Important Note: The partial payment uses the latest Shopify Selling Plans API which in its current version is only compatible with the Shopify Payment payment method.

In this section you will learn how to:

Enable Partial Payment

  1. Go to Products page

  2. IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently the partial payment could only be set at the variant level. We will be adding a bulk update for partial payment in subsequent release.

    If the products have variants you are required to select the variant drop down button:

    And setup up the partial payment at the variant level by selecting the Default Settings/Custom Settings button:

  3. At the Pre-Order tab locate the Partial Payment toggle switch.

  4. To turn on partial payment, turn on the toggle switch to begin setup the partial payment:

    1. This non-editable label shows the full price of the variant.

    2. Enabling this checkbox will enable the option for customers to make the full payment right away.

      In addition. by enabling full payment, merchants have the option of providing a discount when a customer pays in full (learn more).

      If your pre-order only accepts partial payment, please ensure the checkbox is disabled.

    3. Deposit label on storefront - Allows customization of the following label at the product page:

    4. Deposit Amount Before Tax - The amount the customers are required to pay for the first payment. You have the flexibility to set it up by the percentage of the total amount or a fixed amount:

      The amount collected will be displayed on the product page:

      Important Note: If percentage is selected, we will round up/down to the nearest 2 decimal points.

    5. Balance Payment Due Date - This will display when the second and last payment is due on the product page:

      IMPORTANT NOTE: The due date set here is just for reference at the product page only. It will not automatically charge customers the remaining payment when the due date is reached. Merchants are required to collect the final payment using the methods listed here.

    6. This label displays the remaining amount to be collected from the final payment.

  5. Next, you are required to setup the cart message. The functionality of the cart message is to notify the customers that their current check out is only for the first payment.

    1. Select the location of the label that you wish to display the message. Click on Select button to start the setup:

      Hold the SHIFT key and select the position that you want the label to be displayed and select SAVE.

    2. Customize the text that you wish to display onto the cart. You can use the tags to show dynamic values:

    3. Customize the color of the label.

    4. Customize the font size of the label.

    5. Preview the settings at the storefront.

  6. Once the setup is completed, select Apply to complete the setup:

  7. This is the expected result at the product page:

  8. When customers add this product into cart, the deposit amount will be shown here:

  9. The deposit price will show however, in the Checkout page:

    Customers are required to agree to the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page before proceeding to complete the payment. This is a default Shopify feature.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you change the product price AFTER you had enable partial payment, please redo Steps 1 to 4.

Collecting Final Payment

  1. First, go to Orders in the Shopify admin page. Orders with partial payment will have their Payment Status as Partially paid:

  2. To collect the payment, select the order that you wish to collect from to proceed:

    1. This section will display the remaining unpaid balance

    2. Select the Collect payment button to proceed with the payment collection.

      1. First option will collect the remaining payment from the credit card the customer use to pay the deposit.

      2. Enter credit card allows you to charge a separate card by manually inputting another credit card to be charged.

      3. This will change the order status to fully paid without collecting the balance payment.

  3. After selecting the methods stated in 2(b), you are required to confirm the payment collection:

  4. Once the payment is collected, the status of the order will change to Paid:

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of writing, there is no way collect the payments in bulk. You are required to collect it one order at a time. We will be finding ways to enhance this in our future release.

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