If your theme is Online Store 2.0 compatible, you can change your discount table position using the following method.

How to know if your theme is Online Store 2.0 compatible?

During the onboarding page, select the Check if theme is Store 2.0 button.

If the status shows Online Store 2.0 Detected:

Your theme is Online Store 2.0. Each time you change your theme, this is a compulsory step for you to setup.

Changing Pre-Order Button on Product Page

  1. First, go to Themes page in Shopify Admin Panel. Select the Customize button.

  2. Select the Products > Default Products the the page navigator located at the middle of the screen:

  3. Next, select Add block at the sidebar and proceed to select Pre-Order Button (Pre-Order Manager - PreOrder).

  4. Once Pre-Order button is added, you can customize where you would like the button to be displayed by dragging and dropping the block:

  5. Select Save to complete this process:

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