This is the latest version of the Pre-Order Manager Dashboard which is split into 4 sections:

1. Announcements

  • The Announcements section will show all the app related announcements such as new updates, scheduled maintenance and useful tips.

  • The Announcements will display the 5 latest announcements. If you wish to view more announcements, click on Show More:

  • To read the details of the announcements, simply click on the announcement and it will show the full details:

  • If you had read the announcement and would like to dismiss it, click on the x icon to remove it from the board.

    Removing all the messages will hide the Announcement section.

2. Pre-Order Sales Chart

The chart shows total amount of pre-order sales your store had made during a selected period.

a. Select the period you wish to view.

b. The total number of pre-order sales in the period selected in (a).

c. Brings you to Analytics Report. You can export the report into CSV there.

3. Top Selling by Value

You can see what are your top selling Pre-Order items within the selected date range:

You can sort it ascending/descending by values or quantities:

4. Pre-Order Low Stock Alert

This section will alert you each time a pre-order quantity is about to go out of stock.

By default, it will display if a pre-ordered product is left with 4 in the inventory. If you wish for the alert to be displayed with a different inventory count, select the Go to Settings:

Setup the values at the Dashboard Low Stock Alert section:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The alert will only be displayed if you had setup a pre-order quantity limit for the pre-order product.

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