This is the first iteration of our Notify Me feature. It is currently only available in English. Future iterations will include localizations to other languages. Should you have any features that you would like to add into please drop us an email at or got to Suggest Idea in the Pre-Order Manager app and drop us a suggestion.

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What does it do?

The Notify Me feature allows customers to sign up to receive email alerts whenever an Out of Stock or Pre-Order products/variants are restocked.

Setting Up the Notify Me Feature

Before you can start using the Notify Me feature, you are required to configure the email message first.

  1. To do so, click on the Email Notification button.

  2. Proceed with the Setup under Email Notifications Settings

    1. Greeting - You can customize the greeting line of the the email here. The current version does not allow merchants to insert the names of customers in the email.

    2. Title - You can customize email title here. The tag [Product] will display the full name of the product. The current version will only display the product name.

    3. Description - You can customize the email contents here.

    4. Visit Product Button Text - You can change the text of the link to the alerted product's page.

    5. Sender Name - The sender name will be displayed at the recipients inbox:

    6. Sender Email - Please key in the email that you want the customers to reply to. This is a compulsory step.

    7. Send test email - Send a test email to see if your settings are correct:

  3. Save the changes once it is done:

    You must setup the Sender Email or the email notifications will not be sent.

Activating Notify Me Feature

To activate the Notify Me feature, please ensure the following steps are followed:

  1. Switch on Notify Me at the Products page:

  2. The Notify Me button will automatically appear once the quantity of the products are 0 or lesser.

  3. You can customize the email alerts subscription pop-up by going to the Email Notification page and go to the Pop-up Settings section of the page:

  4. To configure the I agree message, you will need to go to Products page and select the Default Settings (or Custom Settings) of the affected product:

    1. Go to the Notify Me tab and proceed to configure the I agree text field.

Once configuration is done, it will display the Notify Me button on the product page:

How Notify Me Email is Triggered?

The email alerts will be automatically sent whenever the quantities of the product is updated to be > 0 in the Admin > Products

Customers will receive an email message that looks like this:

Will the Notify Me stop sending email notifications for future restocks?

No, the Notify Me feature will not stop sending future notifications once the first notification is sent. Customers will receive email notifications each time a subscribed product is restocked. Currently there is no way to limit the number of emails is sent per product to a subscribed customer.

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