Setup 'Notify Me' on products

Notify customers by email when the products or variants are restocked or back in stock.

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What is the Notify Me feature?

The Notify Me feature allows customers to sign up to receive email alerts whenever an Out of Stock or Pre-Order products/variants are restocked.

How to Setup the Stock Notifications Email

Before you can start using the Notify Me feature, you are required to configure the email message first.

  1. Start by heading to the Email Notification page, found at the top menu.

  2. First, configure the Sender Email (this is a compulsory step). Key in the sender's email here. You will need to key in a valid email from your company. Any replies from the customer will be directed to this email.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If an invalid email address is keyed in, our anti-spam feature will be activated and this feature will not work for your store until a valid email address is configured.

  3. Next, you can proceed to configure the design and content of the email:

    1. Header Setup: You can customize the email's header, the background color and the font color.

    2. Content Setup: You can setup the greetings, the email title and the description here.

    3. Visit Product Button Text: You can setup the text of the go to.

    4. Button Design: You can customize the button's color, the font size, the border radius and border width of the Add to Cart button.

    5. Branding: You can configure your store's name, address and phone number in this section. Alternatively select Get store data from Shopify Settings to get your store details from Shopify.

  4. You can now add links to your social media accounts to your emails by configuring the Social Media Links section. Social media buttons will only appear when a link is keyed into the respective social media fields:

  5. Save the changes once it is done.

  6. You can send a test email to see how your email will look like in customer's inbox by selecting the Send test email. Please note that any changes made must be saved before it could be applied.

How to Enable Notify Me

To activate Notify Me, follow these steps:

  1. You can turn on Notify Me individually or bulk.

    1. To turn on Notify Me for one product: On the Products page of the Pre-Order Manager app, enable Notify Me for select products.

    2. To turn bulk turn on/off Notify me, first select the products you want to turn on/off:

      Change the bulk action dropdown button to Notify Me and proceed to select ON if you want to bulk turn on or OFF if you wish to bulk turn off:

  2. The Notify Me button will automatically appear once the quantity of the products are 0 or lesser.

  3. You can customize the email alerts subscription pop-up by going to the Email Notification page and go to the Pop-up Settings section of the page:

    1. Pop-Up Title

    2. Pop-Up Title Icon

    3. Pop-Up Subtitle

    4. Pop-Up Subtitle Icon

    5. Email Address

    6. Confirmation Button Text

  4. To configure the I agree message, you will need to go to Products page and select the Default Settings (or Custom Settings) of the affected product:

    1. Go to the Notify Me tab and proceed to configure the I agree text field.

Once configuration is done, it will display the Notify Me button on the product page:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are Notify Me Emails Triggered?

    • When Notify Me is enabled on a product, an email alerts will be automatically if product quantity is updated to be greater than 0. Customers will receive the Notify Me email you have designed in the app dashboard.

  • Will Notify Me stop sending notifications for future restocks?

    • Customers will receive email notifications each time a subscribed product is restocked. Currently there is no way to limit the number of emails is sent per product to a subscribed customer.

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