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How to Configure Your Default Store - Pickup Settings
How to Configure Your Default Store - Pickup Settings

This guide will guide you through the three main section of the Pickup tab on the Settings tab.

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In this part, there are 5 main fields:

  1. Inventory

    In this field, you can link the pickup option with your inventory. There are 2 options for you to select:

    1. Inventory by Shopify Location

    2. Inventory by Product Tags

  2. Zoom Level
    This is the scale level of the map, which will be displayed in your store. You can set from 0 to 18 (The smaller the number, the smaller the map)

  3. Search Box
    When you enable the Search Box feature, the app will let your customers enter postcode or address to search for the nearest store to pickup.

  4. Pagination
    In case you have too many stores and you don't want to display them in a long list, then you can turn on this feature to divide them into pages to make it shorter. You can set the number of Locations per page, which will be shown on the app after you enable Pagination.

  5. Time Format of Opening Hours
    In this part, you can set the format of time you want to display. There are 2 types for you to choose: 24 Hours format or 12 Hours format.

Pickup Deposit

  1. Ignore Shipping Step

    Once you enable this feature, when your customers choose pickup, the Shipping page will be skipped and customers will be navigated to Payment right away. In this way, the app will automatically apply a 0$ pickup rate for your customers.

    However, there is a drawback with this feature, which is it prevents your customers from using discount codes. There are two ways to solve this issue:

    1. Disable the Ignore Shipping Step feature and create a pickup rate for your store.

    2. Install an additional app that helps you to show the discount code on the cart page, then our app will automatically deduce the discount amount for your customers.

  2. Enable Deposit
    You can require your buyers to pay a deposit before picking up order by enabling the Deposit feature. After you turn on this feature, you enter the Amount, set Deposit Text, and Pending Billing Text.

    For example: If you set the Deposit Amount = $90 means customers have to pay $90 before they pick up the order.

    After you publish the changes, your checkout cart will look like this:


In this section, you can set the minimum and the maximum amount of total cart's value as well as the total cart's quantity. You just need to enter the amount that you want and click on the "Save" and "Publish to Shop" button after you finish the setting.

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