You can now add a Pre-Order Badge to your pre-order products:

The Pre-Order Badges is currently in the BETA phase and can only be applied to pre-order products one at a time. We will release the bulk turn on feature by Q2 2022.

  1. To turn on the Pre-Order Badges, select the Default Settings/Custom Settings button:

  2. Turn on the Pre-order badge is active? toggle button:

  3. You can select 3 types of Pre-Order badges for now. We will be adding more designs as well as a custom design in future releases:

  4. You can select the position where the badge will be placed on your product image:

  5. You can customize the colors of the badge:

  6. Select Save to apply the badge to the product. This process will take 30 seconds to 1 minute.

  7. The Pre-Order badge will be automatically applied each time the product goes on Pre-Order.

  8. Turning the Pre-Order badge will remove the badge from the product image.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please disable the Pre-Order badge before uninstalling. Uninstalling the app before disabling the Pre-Order badge will result in the Pre-Order badge still being applied to the product image.

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