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How to use Coming Soon in Pre-Order Manager?
How to use Coming Soon in Pre-Order Manager?

Learn how to setup the Coming Soon feature in Pre-Order Manager

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Setting Up the Coming Soon Button

  1. To access the Coming Soon feature, in Pre-Order Manager, go to Products:

  2. Turn on the Coming Soon toggle button:

    Product(s) must be set to ≤ 0.

Coming Soon to Pre-Orders

Another way to use Coming Soon is to create intrigue for a Pre-Order, you can display the Coming Soon message before the start of a Pre-Order Campaign.

  1. To do so, please ensure both the Pre-Order and Coming Soon are turned on:

  2. Select Default Settings:

  3. Go to the Coming Soon tab and key in the Coming Soon details:

    1. Coming Soon button text - Changing the value for this will change the text of the Coming Soon button:


    2. Customize the Coming Soon message field to display the date of Pre-Order (you can change the font color as well. Learn how here):


      You can change the font color.

    3. Select the date your Coming Soon product will go into pre-order by selecting it at the Available From field. The date will be displayed at the product page as well.


  4. The Coming Soon button will change into Pre-Order when the selected date is reached.

    For Example, if 30th of August 2023 is selected, the product will show Coming Soon until this date. The coming soon will then be replaced by a Pre-Order button.

Bulk Turn On/Off Coming Soon

  1. First, select the products you wish to turn on/off Coming Soon:

  2. Next, select Coming Soon from the bulk action drop down:

  3. Lastly, select the ON button to bulk turn on the selected products or OFF to turn off the selected products:

Changing the Coming Soon Button's Design

  1. First, go to the Design page:

  2. Under Coming Soon Setting, you can adjust the Coming Soon button's color.

  3. Button width and height and other design related options:

  4. Or you can follow the design settings of the Pre-Order button by clicking on Copy Pre-order button setting.

  5. Click on "Save" to apply changes to your store:

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a button width/height that is bigger/smaller than what could be adjusted here, please contact our support and we will assist with this request.

Changing Coming Soon Message Font Color

  1. You can change the Coming Soon Message Font Color to better suit your store's design. To do so, go to Design page:

  2. Look for the Coming Soon Setting section and click on the Coming Soon message and change settings at Font Color:

  3. You can also adjust the font size as well:

  4. Select Save to apply the changes.

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