Coming Soon Button and Message Design

Learn how to configure the design as well as the message of the Coming Soon feature.

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Changing The Coming Soon Button's Design

  • First, go to the Design page:

  • Under Coming Soon Setting, you can adjust the Coming Soon button's color.

  • Button width and height and other design related options:

  • Or you can follow the design settings of the Pre-Order button by clicking on "Copy Pre-order button setting".

  • Click on "Save" to apply changes to your store:

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a button width/height that is bigger/smaller than what could be adjusted here, please contact our support and we will assist with this request.

Changing Coming Soon Message Font Color

  • You can change the Coming Soon Message Font Color to better suit your store's design. To do so, go to Design page:

  • Look for the Coming Soon Setting section and click on the Coming Soon message and change settings at Font Color:

  • You can also adjust the font size as well:

  • Select Save to apply the changes.

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