Encourage customers to buy more by displaying the tiered discounts they will be eligible if they purchase more of the product with an active link. Clicking on the link will automatically add the quantities to match closest tier.

Please refer to the following steps on how to setup this useful feature:

  1. Go to Settings:

  2. Locate the 1-Click Upsell section:

  3. Depending on the type of checkout cart your store is using, select either the Normal Cart or Ajax Cart tab:

    1. How Normal Cart looks like:

    2. How Ajax Cart looks like:

  4. If this is your first time setting up, click on the Select button.

  5. Choose the location of where you want the Upsell feature to be displayed inside the cart by holding the Shift key and left clicking on the location you wish to display:

  6. Once the location is selected, the status will show as Selected:

  7. Next, you can customize the wordings of the label. Maximum 40 characters due to limitations of the cart page. You can see the results on the Preview.

  8. Lastly. you can customize the font colour of the Upsell labels by selecting the colour picker:

  9. Click on Save Settings when done:

  10. The Upsell label will now be displayed on products that has a Tiered pricing setup to notify them about the number of quantities required to get a discount:

Unable to see the 1-Click Upsell after setup? Contact our support at support@amai.com or use the in-app chat feature and let us help you with it.

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